Isn’t it frustrating how in the horse community, for every ten people you ask, you get ten different answers and ten different ways of doing things? You don't always want to call the vet but how do you know who to listen to? Who is “right”? Well, I think I can help. 

In 2014, I co-founded an online school dedicated to educating horse owners and equine professionals. This information isn’t just my opinion. It is a compilation of all the current credible data regarding horse health and treatment modalities, equine management, and horse and rider biomechanics. 

Equi-Librium Institute offers FREE COURSES covering material relevant to any horse owner. If you are a nerd like me and want to dive in a little deeper, you can take any of the ADVANCED COURSES for a more detailed understanding of equine health and management. If you are looking to become an EQUINE VETERINARY TECHNICIAN or THERAPEUTIC BODYWORKER, we offer courses for you too! 

I encourage all horse owners to TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE. How do you know what you don’t know unless you find out!?

Below are a sampling of some of the educational materials available through

Assessing digital pulses in horses is a way to determine if there is inflammation or pain in the distal limb or hoof. Early recognition of increased pulses is critical in cases of laminitis. Knowing how and where to take the pulse is necessary for any horse person.

This video details the anatomy and techniques for evaluating pain of the three most mobile joints of the equine axial skeleton. April Johnson, an equine structural integration therapist demonstrates three simple tests you can perform at home on your own horse.

Understand why it is important and teach your horse how to stretch the muscles of the neck,  poll, withers and back by following the steps in the videos below.