Aramat Equine provides 24 hour emergency service to established clients. Emergencies are scheduled by order of severity. Same day appointments for routine health care are typically not available. 

Anytime your horse is not interested in food can indicate a serious condition called colic. If caught early, colic can be managed medically in the field. Retractable cases requiring hospitalization and intensive care are referred to a local equine hospital. 


Due to their flight response, horses are prone to injury. Any laceration should be cleaned and closed if possible within four hours to ensure a successful outcome. Any wound should be evaluated by a veterinarian to:

  1. ensure important underlying structures are not involved
  2. avoid infection
  3. allow for the most cosmetic and rapid healing possible

Wounds over joints or tendon sheaths can appear minor but result in catastrophic infection that debilitates the horse if not identified early and treated appropriately. The image below highlights the various joints of the equine legs. Any wound in these areas, however minor, must be taken seriously. 

wounds over joints

The equine eye is particularly vulnerable to trauma due to its outward position on the skull. A horse with obvious trauma to the eye or associated structures, discharge or squinting should be evaluated immediately. 

eye injury

I pride myself on providing my clients with extremely reliable emergency services. To reach me during an emergency, just call 808-313-0267. Please respect that as a solo practitioner I do my best to answer your call as soon as possible. I may be unable to answer if I am currently treating another animal or if I am in a region with inadequate cell phone reception. If you have an emergency and you do not receive a call back within 20 minutes, please try calling or texting again. 

Print this PDF and post in your barn or tack room. 

Print this PDF and post in your barn or tack room.