Pre-breeding Services: 

With so many unwanted horses overflowing available rescue organizations, I advocate a sustainable and intelligent approach to breeding - selecting for conformation, personality and aptitude as well as aesthetics. Through a Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE), I can help you determine if your mare is a good reproductive candidate, able to conceive and carry a foal to term with no negative health affects.  A BSE may include:

  • Physical examination

  • Pelvic examination

  • Ultrasound exam of uterus and ovaries

  • Culture and cytology of uterus

  • Biopsy of uterus

  • Blood work

I offer Pre-Breeding Consultations to educate owners on ways to reduce seasonal and environmental affects that negatively impact estrous cycling and delay conception. I can even assist you in selecting a complementary stallion for your mare. 

Breeding Services:

Fresh/cooled semen insemination is available through Aramat Equine. Ultrasound examinations allow ovulation prediction, twin detection and reduction, pregnancy confirmation and prenatal monitoring. Embryo transfer to a suitable recipient mare is also available. My goal is to ensure your mare has a safe and relaxed reproductive experience. 

Pregnant Mare Management:

Once your mare is confirmed in foal, I will continue to work with you to ensure that both mare and foal remain healthy throughout the pregnancy. Prenatal care includes: 

  • Ultrasound examinations to assess fetal viability and placental health

  • Nutritional consultation

  • Strategic vaccination and deworming and

  • Pre-foaling consultations


Post-Natal Care:

After the delivery, Aramat Equine is available for Post-Foaling Examinations which includes: 

  • Full physical examinations of both mare and foal

  • Placental evaluation

  • Stall side IgG quantification (to measure colostrum ingestion)

  • Plasma transfer if necessary

  • Lactation and nutrition consultation

Once your foal is ready, Aramat Equine will help you determine the least stressful weaning protocol. Routine castration is available once your colt is of suitable age.

I treat all of Aramat’s patients like my own. I hope to gain your trust and respect and look forward to helping grow your equine family.

Equine Pregnancy Chart and Fetal Size Comparison