All Creatures Great or Small?!

Yesterday I answered the phone and booked an appointment to examine a Holstein calf with swollen ears. This morning I stocked my truck with the usual supplies necessary for a farm call, put on my overalls and rubber boots and headed out to see the calf.  I arrived at the address to find a kind couple holding a very overweight black and white cat named Holstein.  


Trying not to appear too shocked or unprepared, I stumbled my way through the small animal appointment. As someone who would much rather be cornered by a bull than clawed by a cat, I tried to hide my apprehension as I cautiously examined this seemingly complacent creature. All the while, Holstein sunbathed on his back, udderly content with the attention. 


15 minutes later with ears cleaned and meds and vaccines administered, I emerged victorious and unscathed by the feline. Apparently naming my clinic Aramat EQUINE did not get the point across. In Puna, if it rhymes with “equine” that is good enough. 


Unfortunately the canine of the day was my own. Otto has begun to wear out his oversized, conformational challenged body. While hiking to his favorite waterfall he partially tore his Achilles tendon. I am now having to practice what I preach and put my big guy on stall rest. He doesn’t seem too broken up about it but I know how hard it is going to be to keep him calm over the next few months.